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Name:Troodon sapiens
Birthdate:Apr 21
Location:United States of America
Sseratreeka Kata'arr:
Treeka of the line Ssera, Teacher of Languages

Imagine a world where not all of the non-avian dinosaurs perished in the K-T Extinction Event. Imagine a world populated primarily by dinosaurs, not the dinosaurs we know from the fossil record, but their descendants, shaped and diversified and refined again by evolution into a whole host of sort-of-but-not-quite-familiar forms. Imagine a world where the dominant species are the evolved Troodon--quick, bright, and civilized.

This is the world Treeka hails from.

She is Sseratreeka Kata'arr, linguist, educator, and sapient Troodon. Her specialty lies in languages--learning them, analyzing them, cataloguing their differences and similarities, their unique grammars and slang. While this is her passion, she also works as a teacher, instructing others in the intricacies of their sibilant, fluting language and the angular system of characters that catalogue it.

((RP journal played by [info]nellasaur. Images are from various sources--if one is yours and you'd like credit/like it removed, please let me know!))

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alternate evolution, dinosaurs, evolution, raptors, sentient dinosaurs, troodon
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