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Location: Residence level, somewhere in the vicinity of the entrance to the jungle

For the past few days, there had been a critter stalking the halls of the ship. Compared to nearly everyone else already onboard, it was tiny--at the shoulder, it was less than four feet tall, and it was only the long and slender neck that would put its head on eye-level with your average, human-sized organic. It was a slender thing, all long limbs and lean muscles under its finely scaled skin. It walked with a light step, its torso leaning forward and its hands clutched close to its chest. It looked like an escapee from a documentary on dinosaurs...

At least until you noticed the fact that it seemed to have a wide belt strapped around its middle, with packs over its hips. It also sported jewelry--rings on its claws fingers, and a medallion on a wide cord around its neck.

She had never been anywhere like this in her life. In fact, this was quite beyond her wildest imagination, this vast and empty wasteland of metal and glass. She did not know how she had come to be here, she could not comprehend where she was, and she desperately wanted to be somewhere else.

And so she searched desperately, trying to find something, anything that was remotely familiar. She found only more metal, more smooth and alien stone, more clear and impenetrable panels...

And terrors. Massive, moving things that sounded wrong and smelled worse. Even seeing them in the distance was too much for the saurian, and it took only two such distant encounters for her to run in the other direction every time she heard one coming.

She had been running a lot, running since she had found herself here, running for what had to be days. At first, it had been a measured loping run, but as she became more disoriented and more afraid, she lost the graceful control she usually had over her lean body. Sleep was impossible--she was used to finding rough, solitary lodgings, but there was nowhere in this alien place that seemed remotely secure. So she only snatched catnaps, curled in secluded corners, and woke with every strange sound. There was food and water in her packs, but she was used to foraging on the road; she had only emergency rations, and ate of them as sparingly as she could stand. She hadn't yet seen anything she could make a meal of, or even a source of water...

She knew she needed to stop. She was moving too fast, pushing herself too far--putting herself in danger. But she couldn't stop until she'd found her way out of this endless maze, and so she kept pushing and pushing--

And eventually her feet betrayed her. Her pace had slowed and her body demanding payment for the tolls she was exacting from it, tolls she had no reserves to pay. She found her run slowing to a jog, slowing to a walk. Then she was stumbling, staying close to a wall that was impossibly smooth and straight so it could catch her when she pitched into it.

And then she had fallen.

She did not know where she could possibly find the strength to get up again. She did not even have the presence of mind left to care.

Treeka closed her large, intelligent eyes, curled her long body as small as she could, and prayed for this nightmare to end...